Know how that pays

Strategy and internationalization

  • Your company is facing increasing competitive pressure and shrinking margins?
  • Operating sucessfully in your traditional markets you intend to expand internationally, e.g. into Germany and the E.U.?

Together with your experts we analyze your strategic environment. Your products, your competitors, the driving market forces and likely developments in those segments of transportation or engineering technology that you are active in. Based on comprehensive SWOT analyses we elaborate appropriate and realistic strategic scenarios and we help to identify the right acquisition targets and cooperation partners. If you intend to disinvest selected activities, we will develop successful solutions for their future.

In addition to our conceptual and analytical skills we are also strong in implementation: we will be at your side in negotiations with potential cooperation partners, we support you in handling your M & A projects professionally , and – if desired – we will handle the complete contract management for the transaction.

M & A

  • Your strategy process has unveiled growth potential that can be realized through acquisition?
  • Selected business activities cannot develop optimally within the environment of your enterprise and shall therefore be disinvested or transferred into cooperations?

NWM will support you with experience and competence managing your acquisition or disinvestment projects. Based on our sound market understanding we are capable to quickly analyze the relevant strategic environment and to identify the right targets. We support you in preparing the necessary documentation and we contribute our know how in enterprise valuation models. We will be at your side during the due diligence process and through the negotiations. Briefly speaking: NWM provides you with a one stop package thereby ensuring that your M & A project will become a success.

Sales / Marketing

  • Is your sales force successful in exploiting the market potential?
  • Attractive future markets will require additional and different ressources in your organization?

Together with your team we analyze the status quo of your sales organization with views to the relevant market know how and we evaluate the competitive position of your products and services. The efficiency of your sales organization we assess on the basis of comprehensive lost order and hit rate analyses. If necessary, we support you in the concrete measures to develop the organization.

Finally, a pragmatic sales controlling system ensures transparency and the effectivity of the sales division.

Nord West Management has a sound understanding of successfully managing international projects. This comprises the sales as well as the execution perspective in transportation and in general engineering industrial projects. Our consultants accompany you throughout the sales and the negotiation phase and ensure that risks and chances are balanced adequately.

Particularly in international business project financing know how can be crucial – NWM has this expertise available.

Manufacturing and procurement

  • Your business is subject to cyclical fluctuations and you intend to adapt to these cycles increasing your manufacturing flexibility?
  • In order to enhance your competitiveness you want to reduce your product costs?

Together with your experts we analyze your manufacturing divisions and supply chain and we identify strengths and weaknesses.

Modern industrial companies concentrate on their core competencies and hence reduce their value added, thereby increasing the relative share of material cost. Taking this into account a sustainable reduction of material cost gets increasingly important managing the profitability. Nord West Management offers state-of-the-art, best practice methods to optimize your procurement process.

Through make-or-buy-analyses we get to the core of your production – and we identify areas with outsourcing potential.

In addition, we advise you implementing labor concepts that cope with the “breathing” factory.

Engineering / R & D

  • You are developing complex technical products and you wish to further optimize your technical management?
  • You have set up a technically specific project with a limited duration, and you seek qualified external support to bring this project to success?

NWM provides you with experienced technical managers that have run and optimized technical divisions in industrial corporations, as well as with specialists for particular technical tasks.

We support you setting up an engineering strategy and deriving the respective engineering targets, accordingly. On the operational level we handle time schedule and milestone planning and combine this with a pragmatic technical controlling, thus making sure that your engineering program becomes a success.

If special tasks (e.g. a tender for rolling stock material) have to be dealt with in limited time, we have the appropriate technical specialist that joins your project in order to get the job done.

Controlling & Finance

  • Shrinking margins require a more consequent financial management and reports have to be delivered in shorter time?
  • Core financial information from complex projects shall be linked to the financial management system? 

Nord West Management holds sound experience in implementing and running state-of-the-art controlling and accounting systems in industrial corporations.

If desired we analyze your actual status quo which we assess regarding the requirements of the business you are in. In enhancing your systems we concentrate on those ratios that are material driving the profitability of your business.

Those companies active in project businesses we support in designing and introducing best practice project controlling solutions.

Industrial project management

  • You are running a project business and require professional project management expertise?
  • Your projects are temporary and you desire a reliable management solution for the respective period, without increasing your level of fixed personnel expenses?

Nord West Management have highly qualified and internationally experienced project managers available. According to the needs of the respective project these consultants contribute their know how as (external) project managers with overall responsibility or as (external) project experts with functional tasks.

We are therefore prepared, to serve your projects in different roles: as, for example, the responsible general project director for a consortium leader, the project lead engineer with responsibility for the technical scope as well as the effective claim manager that consequently represents your interests in a demanding environment.

Furthermore, we offer to transfer our state-of-the-art project management expertise to your staff via comprehensive trainings.

Services for railway operators

  • You want your operations to become more efficient, to reduce cost and to increase the profitability of your company?
  • Your are analyzing your competitive position and you are assessing options to enter into new market segments?

Nord West Management has specific expertise analyzing und optimizing business models in the rail cargo transportation industry. Our range of services comprises the design of the rail infrastructure, the rolling stock and the respective operational models in their interdependency.

We analyse the capacity and performance of existing networks and we make proposals for their optimization. Designing timetables for an efficient operation and selecting the right locomotives and wagons for your specific purpose furthermore supports you in either enhancing the existing or in establishing successful new businesses.

With views to the ongoing public discussions about „green“ logistics we offer solutions to shift transports from road to rail, hence combining sustainability and economic attractivity.

Supporting your strategic thinking, we analyze the competitive situation in your relevant market segments. Based on our detailed market know how we identify opportunities for new business in rail cargo and turn them into concrete projects. We support you in the implementation of these projects and, if desired, take over temporary sales responsibility.